,,Giorgia Cappello has a winning charisma (...) with which the singer immediately captures the audience, thanks to her sonorous voice, a soprano with a pleasantly dark colouring. 
Cappello can be tender and soulful, even dramatic, when she raises her voice to full size. Or playful when she enchants with seemingly effortlessly woven-in colouraturas."

Beate Krannich - in Die Schwabenpost

A.Vivaldi - Griselda - Ritorna a lusingarmi (Costanza)

Giorgia Cappello, Soprano 

Doriana Tchakarova, Piano 

Susanne Gauchel, Scene 

Opernabend Prof. Sonntag HMDK Stuttgart 

Nov. 2020

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  • Sun, 2021-10-03

    Ludwigshafen am Rhein


    Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdy Sinfonie Nr. 2 ,,Lobgesang”, Psalm 95 und Psalm 114

    Beethovenchor Ludwigshafen am Rhein

    Johanna Beier, Sopran

    Giorgia Cappello, Sopran

    Theodore Browne, Tenor

    Tristan Meister, Dirigent

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  • Sat, 2021-11-13


    Peter Schindler - Perpetuum Mobile (UA)

    Kantate in vier Akten für Sopran, Bariton, gemischten Chor und Jazzband


    • Giorgia Cappello - Sopran

    • Felix Rumpf - Bariton

    • Peter Schindler - Komposition, Piano

    • Peter Lehel - Saxophone

    • Dirk Blümlein - E-Bass

    • Markus Faller - Percussion

    • Kammerchor Baden-Württemberg

    • Jochen Woll - Leitung



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