,,Giorgia Cappello has a winning charisma (...) with which the singer immediately captures the audience, thanks to her sonorous voice, a soprano with a pleasantly dark colouring. 
Cappello can be tender and soulful, even dramatic, when she raises her voice to full size. Or playful when she enchants with seemingly effortlessly woven-in colouraturas."

Beate Krannich - in Die Schwabenpost

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  • Sun, 2022-10-23


    Musik- und Singschule

    H. Purcell - The fairy Queen (Bearb. Jochen Woll)

    Henry Purcell - The fairy Queen (in einer Bearbeitung von Jochen Woll) 

    Giorgia Cappello, Sopran 

    Felix Rumpf, Bariton

    Jochen Woll, Leitung 


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  • Sun, 2022-10-30



    Michael Haydn - Chiemsee Messe

    Michael Haydn - Missa in honorem sanctae ursulae (Chiemsee Messe)

    Giorgia Cappello, Sopran 

    N.N, Alt

    N.N, Tenor

    N.N, Bass

    Motettenchor Stuttgart

    Kammerphilharmonie Stuttgart

    Ella Rosenberg, Leitung 


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